Candle Making

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Candle making involves dipping a long, wax-covered string (the wick) into melted wax for 1-3 seconds. The wick is then removed and the wax allowed to harden for a minute, and the process can be repeated. Different sizes of candles can be built up by re-dipping the wick to the required number of layers. The candle is then allowed to harden for several hours at room temperature before it is ready to use.

Wax usually comes in white or clear, with no scent; it can be coloured by a wide variety of dyes, and scent can be added that will release when the candle is burnt.

The layering process can be manipulated to create a variety of colours and shades (for example, stripes); the wax can also be poured to create patterns or designs. String or additional items can be added to the candle when soft to create 3D shapes on the surface; softened wax can be also manipulated into shapes (for example, a twisted or curved candle).

Various items can also be used for the wick (a traditional choice was a reed or stick) but modern wicks tend to create a clearer flame.