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Hackspaces involve a lot of sharing; people share ideas, equipment, and information.

A wiki is a natural tool for sharing things that should linger, for others to find later. Plenty of what is shared at a hackspace is ephemeral - announcements of dates and times for things, noting that we're out of solder, that sort of thing - but for the stuff that should last, like the lists of equipment we have, useful advice on the space or on general topics from screen printing to laser cutting, the wiki is a big shared repository we can all add stuff to, to save having to say it over and over again.

If you're not familiar with editing a wiki, ask around for help and we'll get you started. THe most important thing about a wiki is that it's kept up to date - if it gains a reputation for being out of date, people won't even look in it. So if you see anything missing, or wrong, or outdated, please please please jump in and fix it. If anything is stopping you doing that, ask somebody else to update it for you.