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Bus routes 41/42/42A/B/C go between the middle of Cheltenham and the space. It seems the B gets you closer to the Space, but takes a longer route to get there, so the B might be best for people who can't walk far in one go!

Open evenings

Non-members are welcome to drop by and visit on our Thursday Open Evenings. Members donating at least £10 a month towards the running costs of the place can get an access token that will let them in whenever they want.

Please remember that non-members must not use the tools, unless personally supervised by a member who is authorised to use that tool! This is for your own safety. But if you have a thing you want fixed or improved, bring it along on a Thursday and a member will almost certainly be interested in seeing what he or she can do.


There's ample parking around the space in the evening, but please don't block any entrances!


  • Fridge
  • Filing Cabinets Donated by Chas
  • Cupboard Unit Donated by Chas
  • Filing Cabinets Donated by Chas
  • Heavy tables Donated by Stu
  • Comfy Chairs Purchased by Andy / James / Gareth
  • Posh Draughtsman's chair Purchased by Chas
  • Boxes / Crates Donated by AndyB
  • Storage - more project storage and tool/equipment storage required, especially electronic component storage and the like (small drawers for resistors etc)

This is not the end of the search for space, we have this location on a one month rolling contract, which looks like it will have a good opportunity to expand as we need to grow, but if something more favorable comes along then please feel free to list it here so all members can see.

Please also check out our longer term Wishlist and current Equipment list.

Shopping list

Shopping list for new space !