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William Bagshaw (BillyBag2)

I'm William Bagshaw. I'm an embedded software engineer with interests in electronics, RC, quad copters etc etc.

Unfinished Projects

Balancing robot

It would be fun to make a balancing robot. There are numerous examples on line. I would like to make one that is a smaller that 10cm. Intend to use a MPU-6050 and a pair of H-Bridges with an Arduino, such as a Nano or an ATTiny. I have received some small coreless motors with built in gear boxes that I may use for this.

Parts list candidates

Cat hot plate

A headed plate to keep the cat warm.


Ceiling shadow projector

A 3D printed perferated sphere that will cast a shadow on a ceiling when a strong point source of light is used to illuminate it from the base.

This is almost complete. I need to finish off the power lead to the LED so it will plug into a USB charger. To be honest this project has not been finished because I have no idea where it could be installed. Most ceilings in the backspace are not flat.

Published on thingiverse


A mini CNC machine based on DVD stepper motors. Based on the thingy verse project. Thingyverse: Dvd CNC plotter portable

Parts printed.

I have printed the parts apart from those for the electronics. I will be using different electronics.

DVD stepper issues

The DVD stepper motors are all different sizes. I have done my best to source suitable steppers from the numerous DVD drives that have been salvaged. However they are not ideal.

Connecting screw to parts

There is no clear strategy given for connecting the screw to the parts that move. I was considering locally heating the printed part and pushing it onto the thread and letting it cool.


I salvaged a lot of the metal guide bars from the drives which are all the same, correct diameter. There is variety of lengths but a pair that is a little too log will be ok.

The build on thingyverse suggest using metal bushes that I found difficult to find. I have offed some PTFE pipe and will see if that does the job when it arrives.

Polagraph plotter

Two steppers with cogs that engage with window blind pull cord. The steppers are place about so far apart horizontally and a "gondola" is suspended on the pull cord with a pen and a servo to lift the pen of the surface. Will plot on a vertical surface such as white board, paper held with masking tape, blackboard.

The Idea is to use a nano or similar that will accept Code and will plot a graphic. A blue tooth module could be used to accept the GCODE. Bluetooth may be easier than WIFI as bluetooth will appear as a serial device in the host PC so existing code senders will talk to it.

A variation would be to draw the time on a white board and somehow have an eraser to erase it before it is updated again.

Weather station

A remote weather station for a farmers field where Teddington cross model flying club fly. The minimum requirements are to produce a wind speed hourly during the day and send this via the phone network to the internet.

Suggested parts

M590E modem

Finished Projects

Raspberry Pi (digital) slide projector.

Raspberry Pi slide projector